Classes will consist of using good quality tools such as:

  • Various pencils and color pencils, charcoal
  • Watercolors
  • Crayola Crayons
  • Sculpey, Glue
  • Acrylics, Oil paints, Pastels, Markers
  • Donated Aapersand Art Supply, Inc (Gessobord and Aquabord)
  • Donated Mat Board from Wordyisms

Evaluate student skills and areas of artistic interest

Begin the student with an existing area of experience or interest to begin student assessment

Select a student art goal and timeline to complete artwork for display

Combine different teaching systems to provide the student multiple learning experiences to achieve artistic expression

Provide different techniques within a project in order to achieve the best results

Complete the fundamentals in the students original area of interest

Pick a new area of interest to learn fundamentals until student becomes comfortable with using various products and tools

Teach the student how to use a mix of art products to build upon their artistic expression

Provide opportunities for the student to display their art in local shows

Help the student select more complex art goals for learning more advanced techniques in a variety of art mediums