JanRobinGreen.com, an art studio established in Round Rock Texas, offers classes primarily in drawing, painting, and crafts. We teach students at all levels. Our emphasis is on learning by doing and on personal attention. We have created an environment that allows intimacy in teaching, opportunities for mentoring, and shared learning among students as well as between teacher and students. Those who study here enjoy the art of creating.

After getting her B.A. in Art at Texas Lutheran University, where JanRobin was featured as the 1st woman to provide an art showing as a graduating student, JanRobin had the opportunity to work as artist in residence at the Carriage House on the Chisholm Trail in Round Rock, Tx, and as an individual artist for many years. and has created poetry illustrations. She has attended on-going workshops featuring artists from around the world on various fine art subjects. She has painted numerous subjects with her art displayed in Rockport, Salado and Georgetown, Tx, and in local coffee shops, as well as created illustrations for a local poet.

JanRobin has taught art in various capacities, including The Art Center of Williamson County, and as a guest artist within art subjects such as bookbinding, calligraphy, and ceramics. She has provided lectures and workshops on various artistic subjects and has been a member of local art societies and events, often helping with direction. The JanRobin Green Art Studio allows her to share her experiences providing each student to build a curriculum based on individual interests and goals. This approach focuses on finding the avenue that art will play in each student’s life.

Jan Robin has participated greatly in the local public school system, and has experience teaching children outside of the art curriculum. Also, she helped with starting the Odyssey School, a school for Attention Deficit children. This school teaches in an environment that facilitates the students, such as no fluorescent lights and no loud unpredictable sounds, thanks to Marie Walker, founder of Odyssey school.

The wide array of artistic and teaching skills allows JanRobin to work well with any age or experience of student to learn a variety of skills. She enjoys all her students, but her young students have a special place in her heart.

True to the best traditions in visual art, we teach what it is to see.


To teach the visual language and the skills essential to developing and expressing a personal vision.


  • To teach skills of observation, critical analysis, and material techniques
  • To encourage the use of these skills and techniques in expressing a personal vision through work that is made by the artist’s hand
  • To provide a warm and engaging environment for artists at every stage of their development and career
  • To be a focal point for artists, critics, and art historians who maintain the living tradition of studio art